Client Testimonials

Simply put, Andy Wilcox’s services made me look and sound like I was an expert in transfer agent contracts, pricing and policies, when clearly I am not.  His customer service was excellent and was all encompassing as it pertains to the services and advice he provided.  He saved me the countless hours it would have taken to become appropriately educated on transfer agents and their contracts in addition to helping deliver a refreshed contract and pricing structure with my existing vendor that is better than I ever would have been able to do on my own.  ~ Steve Willoughby, Vice President Investor Relations, PerkinElmer, Inc.

“Andy Wilcox’s knowledge of the transfer agent industry proved invaluable during our recent contract review and renewal.  His analysis of our contract and recommendations for possible savings were thorough and enabled us to negotiate substantial savings.  I highly recommend the expertise and guidance Andy offers his clients.”  ~ Denise W. Hutson, Corporate Secretary, Norfolk Southern Corporation

We engaged Shareholder Service Solutions for a Shareholder Services Check-Up®.  Andrew Wilcox conducted a thorough review of our transfer agent expenses and provided detailed guidance concerning potential cost saving opportunities.  Wilcox’s background and career experience give him a unique perspective and he shared his vast knowledge throughout the engagement process.  We were pleased with the services and the results.  We have found a great partner who always stands ready for any follow-up questions.  ~ Doreen Dionne, Investor Relations Assistant, Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Retaining Shareholder Service Solutions and the expertise of Andrew Wilcox was a great decision.  His knowledge of the stock transfer industry, on both a micro and macro basis, combined with his passion to deliver a quality work product and achieve excellent results, was truly impressive.  Everything he promised in terms of stock transfer contract improvement and cost savings he delivered — and then some.
~ Patrick M. Burke, Director of Operations and Assistant Secretary, American International Group, Inc.

Andrew Wilcox was an invaluable asset during our search for a new transfer agent.  His expertise was heavily relied upon to obtain an “apples to apples” comparison of vendor proposals during the RFP process.  Andrew was always available for questions or direction when we needed it, and his fee schedule was very reasonable.  We were very happy to partner with Andrew and look forward to a continued relationship in the future.
~ Angela M. Kelley, Deputy General Counsel, Heartland Financial USA, Inc.

After 33 years as an in-house corporate transfer agent, the process of finding an outside retail agent seemed daunting.  Andy Wilcox’s experience, knowledge and expertise in the business of helping corporations evaluate transfer agents and the services provided by these agents was priceless.  He helped us understand the process and made valuable suggestions to make sure we ended up with what fit our needs best.  His patience and support through the entire process and ongoing support is invaluable to us.  I would recommend Andy as the ‘first to call’ with any stock transfer agent questions or issues. ~ Kathleen Tullis, Manager – Investor Services, CenterPoint Energy, Inc.

“I was very satisfied with your services.  They very much helped us reach a comfortable choice in the selection of a transfer agent.”
~ Tony Pepper, Assistant General Counsel, Assistant Corporate Secretary & Chief Governance Officer, Praxair, Inc.

“Andy Wilcox’s industry knowledge and Check-Up® report provided helpful insights and background for our transfer agent discussions.  I was impressed by his follow-up efforts and willingness to weigh in on issues that came up over a period of several months.”
~ Nan Hoff, Associate General Counsel and Assistant Secretary, Kemper Corporation

“Andy Wilcox is extremely knowledgeable about the stock transfer industry and very generous in sharing his information and ideas.   PepsiCo made a small investment by contracting with Shareholder Service Solutions and in the end we saved a significant amount of money.   I love the fact that Andy is always there for you, even after the completion of his analysis.   I highly recommend his services.”
~ Maritza Vicole, Senior Analyst and Manager, Shareholder Relations, PepsiCo, Inc.

“Thank you very much for your Shareholder Services Check-Up®.   It was a very useful report for not only did it validate what we thought was a good stock transfer contract, it also helped us understand where we might realize some further savings.   I look forward to working with you again in the future.”
~ Claire Williamson, Manager, Shareholder Services, Pepco Holdings, Inc.

“The Shareholder Services Check-Up® was a good investment for our company, and I learned a lot too.”
~ Jeanne Gammon, Manager, Corporate Affairs, Alaska Air Group, Inc.

“Andy Wilcox’s expertise, industry perspective and recommendations were invaluable to us during our transfer agent contract renewal negotiations.  It would not have been possible to achieve the results we did in terms of cost savings and contract provisions without Andy’s guidance.”
~ Kimberly O’Brien, Corporate Secretary, Dynegy Inc.

“Andy Wilcox provided a thorough analysis and assessment of our transfer agent services and fees, and I was able to negotiate a contract that derived an immediate benefit through his recommendations.   I have known Andy for several years and am impressed by his extensive knowledge of the stock transfer industry.”
~ Carol Zepke, Senior Vice President & Corporate Secretary, Pacific Capital Bancorp

“Andy Wilcox was an invaluable part of our stock transfer agent search process.  We thank him for all of his dedication, hard work and terrific advice.”
~ Michael Pfeiffer, Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, Realty Income Corporation

“Andy’s expertise in the industry was invaluable to me during my agreement renewal negotiations with our transfer agent.   He understands the business from an insider’s perspective and provided great insight into various contract provisions.    His modest fee was money well spent and valuable lessons were learned.   Thanks Andy!”
~ Nancy Fraser, Senior Manager & Assistant Corporate Secretary, Fair Isaac Corporation

“Andy, thank you so much for your diligence on this project.   There’s no way we could have done this without you!”
~ Kathleen Salmas, Senior Counsel & Assistant Secretary, Northrop Grumman Corporation

“Andy Wilcox provided a practical look at our transfer agent relationship in terms of cost and service compared to other likely alternatives and we were able to immediately derive benefit from his recommendations.   His experience in the transfer agent business is a valuable resource.”
~ Richelle T. Luther, Assistant Secretary, Northwest Natural Gas Company

“I have worked closely with Andy Wilcox for 10 years.   He has been both a senior-level service provider to Chevron, and a fellow industry association chapter board member.   I have always been impressed with Andy’s professionalism, his diligence and his knowledge of both shareholder services and investor relations.   He is perfectly suited for the Shareholder Service Solutions role as Managing Principal.”
~ Lydia I. Beebe, Corporate Secretary, Chevron Corporation