Shareholder Services Check-Up®

Expert audit of a company’s stock transfer service agreement and recent invoices, to ensure pricing and contract provisions are in line with today’s competitive marketplace.   Scores of companies have chosen this approach over a Request for Proposal (RFP) exercise because little effort is required and it takes less time.   No change in transfer agent is involved, the transfer agent relationship remains cordial, and cost savings achieved show adherence to best corporate practices.   The Check-Up includes an update on the ever-changing stock transfer industry, and how the agent for the company (and the company itself) fit within it.

Stock Transfer “Request for Proposal” Facilitation

If the company chooses an RFP over a Check-Up, we will take the mystery and considerable time out of the process.   We will ensure the company knows the strengths and challenges of all potential transfer agent candidates, at the outset.   We will edit the company’s own RFP document or produce one ourselves addressing the company’s particular needs.   We analyze and comment on proposals received from transfer agents, showing both financial and non-financial data in an “apples-to-apples” format.   We prepare the company for finalist interviews, help the company pick the winning bidder, support negotiation of the agent’s new contract and prepare the company for issues relating to a shareholder records conversion, if applicable.   We simplify the process, optimize pricing and ensure “contract fairness” with the chosen agent.

Corporate Action Pricing and Contract Terms

A company’s transfer agent is typically, and logically, the one that exchanges stock for stock (and cash) when the company merges with or acquires another company. The transfer agent similarly handles subscription and warrant agencies, tender offers and related transactions for the company because of its unique position as record keeper for registered shareholders.  A challenge for the company is knowing if the transfer agent is pricing its service properly and offering contract terms that are truly “market competitive.”  We can promptly confirm where this is the case and, where it is not, show how contract terms can be made more equitable for the company and how pricing can be reduced — often substantially.

IPO Transfer Agent Search

We simplify the process of choosing the best stock transfer agent for the company, allowing management to focus on the IPO itself.  We know all the transfer agents, and facilitate the receipt of competitive proposals from candidates that are best suited to the company’s needs.   While law firms and CPAs can provide the names of good prospective agents, we provide actual RFP materials and, when proposals come in, we present agents’ financial and non-financial offerings in a readily comparable format.

Other Contract Negotiations

We help companies negotiate contracts for services that are tangential to stock transfer like proxy tabulation, proxy solicitation, escheatment and share purchase plan administration.   We can advise the company behind-the-scenes, or serve as the company’s direct interface with the service provider on a turn-key basis.   As with all our services we simplify matters, save companies money and, in the process, help them demonstrate adherence to best corporate practices.